Half Anar Aroma Wax Candle- Clove Aroma


Presenting our handcrafted Ceramic Anar.  It is infused with Cove essential oil. Accentuated with crystal glaze, making them adorable and must have for any home. Ideal for indoors and outdoors, for a sweet, lingering fragrance

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  • Handmade ceramic anar half, aroma wax candle makes the perfect gift this festive season for your love ones, friends and family
  • Ceramic anars half are handcrafted by pottery artist of Rajasthan, and high fired at 1270°C.
  • Special crystal glaze firing, make them absolute adorable
  • Anar is packed with essential aroma oil and goodness of Clove
  • Filled with high quality German wax
  • When the candle burns all the way down, use this as trinket box and continue to use the jar
  • Height 4.5 cm ,Rim Diameter 9 cm
  • Packet contains 1 items.

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