The artisans and karigars of India have always added to the existing pride of India with their impeccable skills and efficiency. When you choose the handmade, the uniqueness of the art and the mindfulness speaks for itself! Buy Handmade! Support Artist!

Clay Journey

Sustainable & a Zero Waste Studio- We at Claybotik practice being close to nature and evolve without putting our mother nature at stake. Our business model showcases reducing, reusing, recycling with zero-waste production. We take care of the surroundings and the place we work and in doing so it is really important to make some lifestyle Changes which pushes the economy to be less wasteful. Zero waste also helps to examine the life cycle of a product or material. At our studio, we reclaim all the clay. The pieces which do not pass the quality check are not discarded, are rather kept for sampling purposes or we put up monthly walk-in thrift stalls under a minimal budget, this way it’s a win-win for the producer and the consumer with zero-waste policy.

Uplifting Artisan Community- We at Claybotik also believe deeply in uplifting the artisan community. Pottery has been one of the oldest art forms but in the last few decades, it has taken a setback because of modern forms of Art, making more business in the market. By uplifting the artisans we are keeping the art form alive. By showing courage and faith in the artisans and working closely with them We get to think out of the box.

Fair Wage Policy- The work environment at Claybotik gives space for the artist to grow as well as artist’s skills are not exploited here the wages align with the skills necessary for the job being performed. Our motto here is fair wage goes hand in hand with fair work.

Handmade- At Claybotik, our products are truly handmade. Local craftspeople use traditional methods to create each piece by hand. Each and every piece is unique in its own way as it is purely handcrafted. Our artisan adds life to each and every product.

Durable- Sustainability is all about reducing single-use disposable products. In terms of durability and longevity, no one can beat ceramic products. They can last for centuries. The durability of the product is achieved by using high-quality stoneware clay and firing the products at a temperature of 1220°C/2228°F.

Care- Although Claybotik ceramic is Microwave and dishwasher safe, handling and keeping of your handmade ceramic pieces, will give extra life to your pieces. You may opt to use, light dishwasher settings or use of gentle dishwasher detergent, which helps you to keep your pieces in excellent condition.

Why Claybotik?

Claybotik, an Indian pottery studio inspires a million others with clay art and aims at making homes prettier with their home décor and lifestyle ceramic products. Along with promoting the Indian culture to the rest of the world, we strongly believe in taking care of our green environment and just use the nature-friendly material in the making of our pottery.  The whole and sole motive of Claybotik is to embrace the widespread art of pottery and enjoy every ounce of it with the fellow pottery lovers. 

What materials are products made of?

The products are made of Ceramic.

What kind of clay used to make ceramic products?

We use stoneware clay, which is high fired at 1220 degrees centigrade.

Are the products Microwave and food safe?

Yes, all are the products as fired at high temperature (1220 degree centigrade) that makes it microwave and dishwasher safe. We adopt the best industry practices to come up with a masterpiece.