Claybotik Wheel Pottery workshop

My love for poetry was instant as it helped me from falling into a chaotic dark hole. Pottery is a majestic art that takes time to understand. And let me tell you it is not easy. But at the same time, it holds your hand and takes you on this journey of creation. And that makes it versatile and beautiful at the same thing.

  • The Calming Feeling –One of the very first reasons for anyone to get attracted to pottery is the calming and meditative feeling that it makes you feel. Some moments to slow down and connect to that inner self is all that pottery teaches you a flow that makes you concentrate and makes the soul heal.
  • A Way of Expression- Everyone has a way to express feelings, ideas, emotions, creativity, and A medium to communicate. Pottery is a friend to help you connect to the world in the most versatile way. Creating something which flows through your mind into your hands and in the clay making soClaybotik Pottery Workshopme thing unique to oneself, helps boost the inner strength and creativity. It makes you create a piece of art that depicts intellect and beauty.
  • The Journey- Isn’t it fascinating to see a piece of clay being made into something which you can use in your day-to-day life and get inspired by? It’s just like science, a little tricky and complicated but if you respect it and give it space to grow while still holding it, it can show you wonders of what it can do and the shapes it can take.
  • The Learning-It teaches a person to be patient. Humans in the 21st century are used to fast and easy life, nobody bothers to understand the journey of a product. It teaches one how to be focused in life with all the chaos going around in the world. It helps heal a broken soul by teaching attachment and detachment from the forms of life and the changes which come with it.              Pottery at Claybotik

Poetry isnt merely an art but it is a spiritual practice that one should indulge in to keep hold of that inner self and embrace it once in a while to create something unique and a story that binds it all together.