Upheld by the artistic and creative arena, pottery has been in our lives for years now. Amongst the growing culture and trends of the world we have moved ahead and embraced the availability of metals, glass, plastic etc in our day to day lives. Right from gifting our loved ones to gifting ourselves, we have made these elements a part of our life. Yet, none of these elements were able to exude the charm that a handmade ceramic product does.

When speaking of ceramic, I don’t have to convince you into loving it and that is because pottery has been a part of our lives like an overwhelming emotion. Much obvious to state that home décor and lifestyle products are always a first gifting choice when we are looking to communicate emotion. Handmade ceramic always fits in as a brilliant day for all occasions like Father’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, Birthday gifts, Diwali gifts, and even Wedding gifts. It also works best for Christmas gift and New Year Gifts

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These handmade ceramic products are customised with love and for your loved one’s as they are one of the best mediums used to communicate emotions. Crafted under the umbrella of nature, the soothing clay moulds and the vivid colour palette has had our hearts since ages. A large variety of items like ceramic crockery, clay flower pots, ceramic mugs, ceramic cups, home décor gifts and a lot more to the list is all created within the same mould by the artistically blessed potters. The ceramic home décor and the ceramic life style products make you feel warm with their customisation and sleek art.

To create something that is personalized, nature friendly and out of the box, you can take a look at the functional ware products of Clay Botik. This ceramic studio based out of Jaipur also sells Pottery products online and has hosted several pottery workshops and contests. They have a vivacious collection of ceramic lamps, ceramic platters, ceramic cups, ceramic mugs, and the most love of all are their ceramic oil dispensers. The handmade ceramic products available are absolute serendipity and will never fail to surprise you with a vast variety and pattern every time you try to visit them for pottery ideas online. Check out some products below form this pottery studio online.

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