Let’s dwell into the world where pottery began. It was started for about 10,000 years ago during Neolithic revolution. At that time, people use baskets and they were only the source of gathering items, but they were facing problems in holding liquid. It was necessary to make a material which was inexpensive, pliable to shape and light-weighted. The only material which came into the picture was – Clay. Earlier, pots were made by stacking clay and afterwards smoothening it in the bonfire. These expendable and unadorned pots were used for transportation of liquids.

To make pottery more attractive, Greeks experimented with clay. They combined other naturally occurring ingredients (such as potash) with clay and decorated their vessels with the mixture.

With the beginning of Bronze age(3000 B.C.), craftsmen started using slow wheels. This made their work easier and flexible. As the time passed, citizens of Asia and Europe started using fast wheels. After the invention of electricity, people started using motorized wheels.

Potters in China started making Porcelain in the mid of 600 A.D. These fragile and beautiful pieces, called as fine China, were crafted with Kaolin. They were fired at high temperatures and the colourful glazes were also added in order to give a attractive look.

With the time, pottery is evolving as both- an art and a craft.

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